Best Martial Arts Centre in Norwalk

This Academy is a branch of the World Headquarters of Hwa Rang Do®. There are many Hwa Rang Do® academies throughout the United States and the world, which are all certified by the art's founder: Supreme Grandmaster Dr. Joo Bang Lee. Supreme Grandmaster is the founder of Hwa Rang Do®, and is continuing to pass on this tradition that has lasted for 58 generations starting from the ancient combat skills of Korea.
The Norwalk Hwa Rang Do® Academy is a traditional martial arts school, which teaches and maintains the high values and moral ethics of classic Eastern philosophies. The school is headed by SabumNim Jesus Hernandez a Third Degree HRD Black Sash.
Though the goals are serious, and the training rigorous, the Academy provides a warm and friendly environment for all - men, women and children.
We are open 6 days a week and have classes for men, women and children of all ages and skill level.
The goal here at our Academy is to understand balance, maximize our human potential, and ultimately achieve harmony with the self, humanity, the world, and the universe. We take our art, our training and our school seriously but we also know how to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. It is this intensity of spirit within a familial environment that has allowed our school and art to flourish over the years.
Get fitter, stronger and more confident at our martial arts Dojang. At Hwa Rang Do® Norwalk. To find out more about our pricing structure and class times, pop in and visit us or give us a call on +1-562-202-3508.