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Blast VR

03 August 2022

03 August


People are so nice here! And we learn great self Defence and self discipline and it has also helped me in life so much.

Annette Gallo

19 June 2022

19 June


Jerry Rutledge

17 June 2022

17 June


Ive been training at The Norwalk Hwarangdo TaeSooDo School for over a decade. I love this Martial Art. Its not just about fighting. Its about becoming a better ...
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Miguel Padilla

28 May 2022

28 May


Juanita Woodworth

04 May 2022

04 May


I love to visit and study Hwa Rang Do in Norwalk. Instructor Hernandez has many years of experience and is a wonderful instructor. I received much training a...
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Sal Tinajero

29 April 2022

29 April


If you are looking for the most complete Martial Art in the world, you have found it in Hwa Rang Do. I've been practicing Tae Soo Do (pre-requisite to Hwarangdo...
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